History Of Python Programming

In this article, you will learn briefly about the history of Python programming. Here we will discuss the inception of Python, how it all began, and where it has reached till date. Basically, we will get familiar with the evolution of python over the years and the history of Python.

history of python

Who developed Python programming language?

Guido Van Rossum

Python was introduced by Guido Van Rossum in 1989.

So how did Python happened and Why was it developed then?


History of Python: Inception and Development

When we talk about the history of Python, we cannot miss ABC programming language because it was ABCs influence that led to the design and development of programming language called Python.

In the early 1980s, Van Rossum used to work at CWI (Centrum voor Wiskunde en Informatica) as an implementer of the programming language called ABC. Later at CWI in the late 1980s, while working on a new distributed operating system called AMOEBA, Van Rossum started looking for a scripting language with a syntax like ABC but with the access to the Amoeba system calls. So Van Rossum himself started designing a new simple scripting language that could overcome the flaws of ABC.

Van Rossum started developing the new script in the late 1980s and finally introduced the first version of that programming language in 1991. This initial release has module system of Modula-3. Later on, this programming language was named ‘Python’.

History of Python: Story behind the name

Often people assume that the name Python was written after a snake. Even the logo of Python programming language depicts the picture of two snakes, blue and yellow.  But, the story behind the naming is somewhat different.

Back in the 1970s, there was a popular BBC comedy tv show called Monty Python’s Fly Circus and Van Rossum happened to be the big fan of that show. So when Python was developed, Rossum named the project ‘Python’.

Python history: A timeline of different versions release

The first ever version of Python(i.e. Python 1.0) was introduced in 1991. Since its inception and introduction of Version 1, the evolution of Python has reached up to Version 3.x (till 2017).

Here is the brief chart depicting the timeline of the release of different versions of Python programming language.

python programming history - timeline of release

So that’s all about the history of Python programming.