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Easy C++ tutorials
targeted for absolute beginners.

Easy C++ tutorials

C++, also read as C plus plus is a high-level programming language introduced by Bjarne Stroustrup in 1979 at Bell Labs.

The ‘++’ can be read as ‘successor’ or ‘next’, which signifies C++ is a successor or next version of C programming language.

C++ was originally called “C with classes” because extending the capabilities of C programming it added the class feature of Simula.

Easy C++ Programming Tutorial

Before learning C++ programming and jumping into tutorials, you will naturally find yourself asking many questions like:

How much powerful and popular is C++ programming language?

Why was C++ developed when c programming was already so much success and why should I learn C++?

Do I need to learn C before C++?

So we will answer your curiosities, but first by listing some of the most powerful and most used modern applications that are built using C++.

Power and Popularity of C++ Programming Language

cpp applications

Every complex and advanced softwares mentioned above are the examples of the product of C++ programming language.

The applications written in C++ deliver the higher level performance which is why applications for banking, trading, military and many other computationally advance applications are written in C++.

Not only today, C++ will remain equally powerful and even more popular in future because there are many powerful aspects which make tech giants like Google, Apple, Amazon, and Microsoft use C++ as core programming language in their applications.


Why C++ when there exists C programming?

Well, this is another thing you might wonder is why we need C++ when we have easier and already successful programming language ‘C’.

Well C programming was definitely a revolutionary language that made coding easier in many aspects and made writing easier for complex programs.

But with advancement in technologies and increasing complexities, it became tedious to address the problem of higher complexities with the structured programming language like C.

To address growing complexities Object Oriented Programming (OOP) emerged, which eventually led to the development of C++.

C++ was more like the advanced version of C programming with the support of OOP.

The concept of class and various other OOP approach was implemented in C++ to address the complex problems and to developing high performing large scale applications.

Do I need to learn C before C++? Prerequisites and Audience

cbeforecplusplusIf you are confused about whether or not to learn C programming before C++, then be assured that these easy C++ tutorials at trytoprogram.com are targeted for absolute beginners though you will learn some advanced concepts as well.

If you already know about C programming or have gone through our C programming tutorials, then it is even better because you already know about fundamental concepts of programming.

So, all in all, you won’t need to learn C programming before C++ and if you have already learned C, that’s even better.

Final words: Last piece of advice

piece of advice before learning c plus plusAlthough C++ is the successor of C programming with extended features like classes and others, it won’t be that easy to learn like C.

For the ease and effective learning always remember some of these things.

  • Practice and only practice 

    We may have written simple tutorials to learn C++ but until and unless you practice a lot on your own, you won’t be able to learn C++ effectively.Theories are for understanding, only practice can make you the programmer.

  • Join online communities and repositories 

    Don’t be late on joining online coding repositories like GitHub and forums like StackOverflow, where you will find the solution for your every problem in coding.

  • Don’t limit yourself to certain examples

    While we will explain every article with examples but don’t limit yourself to those examples.
    Learn from every open source code you find on the internet and try intercepting the codes written by others as well.
  • Patience is the virtueC++ can’t be learned overnight. It will take time but if you follow our tutorials or any other, just make sure you practice enough to master C++.